Where Does Sexy Fit Into Your Day?

Great Life. Great Sex! with Dr. Megan

Where Does Sexy Fit Into Your Day? Here are few tips to help you find your sexy! When I set out last month to finish up my Online Program called Re-Kindle Your Desire & Bring Sexy Back I decided to do a quick survey to make sure I had my hand on the true pulse […]

I’m Bringing Sexy Back!

Great Life. Great Sex! Dr. Megan Fleming

Are You With Me? You heard me…I’m bringing sexy back and I want you to find your sexy. And I want you to love every inch of it! Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are entitled to feel sexy! You’ve no doubt seen all the news surrounding the images that have made their way […]

50 Shades of Comfort

Dr. Megan, 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Comfort…Finding Sexy Through the Pain With the recent and much anticipated movie release of 50 Shades of Grey, I’m sure your thinking this is blog post is going to be about S&M. Hate to disappoint you, but I’m not talking about S&M. I’m talking about vaginal (vulva to be technically accurate) and […]

Sexy is a Feeling

Great Life Great Sex, Dr. Megan Fleming, Sexy is a feeling

Sexy is a feeling…are you feeling it?  I know, I know, we have all been brainwashed to think that “sexy” is a perfectly rounded butt, voluptuous, perky boobs, a flat stomach, and perfect skin. In fact, if you haven’t already heard (and thankfully most of us have), even cover photos of the most beautiful women in […]

I WANT a Sexual Makeover

sexual makeover with Dr. Megan Fleming

I WANT A Sexual Makeover 4 Ways to Kick Your Sexual Makeover into Over Drive! Of course you do! And if you are reading this…then you, like most women, are interested in looking your best and getting the most out of your life.  Are you getting the most out of your sex life?  Have you […]

Resolutions are Okay. But Priorities are Better!


New Year’s is a great time to make resolutions, those annual goals about things you will do or things you will simply do differently. They’re fun to share and can be powerful in shaping the picture of who you want to be. Envision yourself at New Year’s 2016 telling your friends all the things you […]

4 Steps to Take Control of Your Sex and Your Life


Isn’t it time you stopped making your partner or your current circumstances responsible for your happiness and sexual pleasure? The truth is, most of us unwittingly sabotage our pleasure by focusing on what we don’t have or want more of. When you are single, you crave a relationship, and when you’ve been in a relationship […]

Caught: When Infidelity Hits Home – Now What?

Quarrel - Not talking

How it Feels: On some level, one of the best ways anyone can relate to what it feels like to catch your spouse cheating is akin to how the world felt on 9/11. I bet you know exactly where you were and what you were doing when you found out.  Your life, and time itself, […]

Am I Addicted?

Porn Addiction

This heated question is one that therapists, psychologists and mental health clinicians can’t seem to agree on.  And while it might be a debatable whether usage of porn and sex can actually cross into classical addictive behavior, what most professionals can agree on is that countess individuals struggle with thoughts and behaviors that feel excessive, […]

Good Enough Sex

good enough

I know when I first heard the term “Good Enough Sex” I thought to myself, wow….this is a menopausal model of sex …..I mean that until such time as age does impact our hormones and therefore how readily we can become aroused  I wouldn’t want to set my sights on this type of sex. After […]