Couples Therapy

Relationships change over time.  The excitement and lust at the beginning is not meant to last. This can cause couples to drift apart and lose the flame. Couples Therapy can help you re-kindle the flame and put the excitement back in your relationship.

In my 15 years as a couples sex therapist I’ve seen many couples but I’d like to relate a story of one marriage.

Two people madly in love got married. Both had successful careers and it seemed as if they had the world at their feet. Next came children and the joy and stress they add to life and the relationship started to change.  Then a major shock as one partner lost their job and had to take on far away. Before they realized it they had drifted and even contemplated splitting up. The marriage I described is actually mine. I was in shock when I realized this was happening to my marriage. Through couples therapy with my husband we have repaired our relationship. Today our marriage is stronger than ever. Now I am dedicated to helping couples achieve the lasting loving relationship they deserve.  Couples therapy is work. Behavior patterns and triggers need to be changed. But my experience tells me that it’s possible. I am trained and certified in different methods of couples therapy. I am IMAGO Relationship Therapy (IRT) and American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) certified. I can find a way to help you and your partner. Some of the major problems that affect couples and relationships

Affair or Infidelity

Can you find your way back when the trust is shattered? It is possible and I can help show you the way to move past the devastation and restore the trust in your relationship

Sexless Marriage

Are you and your partner just roommates? Have you lost the flame? Relationships are meant to change. The heat of the initial stage of a relationship is not meant to last. This is where the real growth opportunity comes. Couples therapy can show you how.

Mismatched Desire

Does it seem as if one partner is always thinking about sex and the other is never? This is a problem that responds well to couples therapy

Sex and Religion

Religious or cultural issues can prevent you from fully enjoying your sex life. There is a way to balance these sensitivities and have a satisfying relationship. Religion is an important part of my life and I have learned to balance the two. Couples therapy helps facilitate this balance.

Sex and Illness

An illness whether a chronic condition like diabetes or a cancer diagnosis can have a traumatic effect on your relationship and sex life. Couples therapy can help you understand the impact and navigate the pitfalls.

Early Warning Signs. Can Couples Therapy Help You?

  • Loss of intimacy?
  • Arguments that go nowhere?
  • Suspect infidelity?
  • Haven’t made love in a while?

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