I’m Bringing Sexy Back!


Are You With Me?

You heard me…I’m bringing sexy back and I want you to find your sexy. And I want you to love every inch of it!

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are entitled to feel sexy!

You’ve no doubt seen all the news surrounding the images that have made their way into mainstream media of Dr. Megan Fleming Sex Therapist NYCmodels without any touch ups or airbrushing, right? Like the image of Cindy Crawford – what did you think about it? Did you say, Oh my gosh she looks horrible? Or did you say, “Wow she is normal just like me?”

Well we eventually heard this photo was indeed a fake…but what if it wasn’t? Would you think less of her?

Unfortunately, we as women have allowed the Media to define beauty for us. It’s as if we all want to be the models on covers of magazines that are airbrushed to make them look even more perfect.

Women have to collectively stop taking in and believing negative images and stories that are everywhere in our culture about what beauty is and specifically what ‘s sexy and what’s not.

I want ALL women to know and love the power of their own unique essence that exists in your body and soul.

  • How often do we shrink from being who we really are because we imagine that those parts of us won’t be celebrated or accepted?
  • How many of you have felt a shameful glance when you weren’t being shameless?

I remember an incident from my own personal experience…I worked with a couple 10-years ago and the wife said my dress was too short (it was below the knee). I wore pants for the next 10-years.

When I was younger I didn’t want the attention. Now, I want to appreciate my beautiful and strong body. Yet at times I fear that others might feel it is inappropriate for a mom.

Ever been called a cougar or a better yet, a MILF? Yes, it is our culture defining sexiness for us woman over 40-years of age. A friend of mine shared a story with me about her experience a few years ago with this culture mindset.

She was coming home from a business trip and when she checked in at the airport she handed over her drivers license to the young gentlemen behind the counter. He commented that the picture on her license was gorgeous and she was definitely MILF material.

My friend was taken back and at first got a little angry. The gentleman immediately sensed her change in disposition and apologized and said he meant it as a compliment. She said she didn’t know whether to be angry or appreciative.

She did admit that it affected her disposition the rest of her trip – in a good way. She felt more confident about herself. As a mother of 2-grown children…she never imagined herself as MILF material, but said it changed the way she viewed herself going forward and it definitely boosted her self-confidence!

So come on ladies, let’s take your beauty back…your sexy back!

When we do, we feel great. We have a sexy confidence and you know what? The world loves confidence, we all do, and it feels really, really good!

Let go of the negative and embrace yourself.

Trust your inner wisdom and knowing.

Too many of us don’t realize that it’s non-negotiable to go through life and not make time and room in our schedules for self care: to breathe, exercise, sleep, laugh, dance, touch and be touched. We hold back because we don’t feel good about ourselves.

It’s time to take back all of your lost parts of self and reclaim your wholeness. Don’t let the hurt, shame, or any other emotion define you anymore.

Let go of all the internal baggage that weighs you down and keeps you from having and loving your own picture of a great life!

For me…I am…Sexy Confident. It’s my way of adding sparkle and glitter to my life and rejoicing every inch of me!

The time is now.

Take back control to consciously choose your life and how you show up for it. Don’t let yourself be hostage one more day to reactive emotions. Be the captain of your ship and the master of your fate and show the world your sexy confidence!

I am excited to partner with August McLaughlin for Beauty Of A Woman BlogFest 2015. August McLaughlin is an award-winning health and sexuality writer, radio     personality and creator of the empowering female sexuality brand Girl Boner. Take a minute to check out more information at: BEAUTY OF A WOMAN BLOGFEST 2015.

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