Everyone knows that I’m all about helping others experience their own version of a great life with great sex.

I’m not going to lie, it’s possible and it takes work. Truth be told, work isn’t a dirty word anymore than sex is. When we put effort into something, we see the results. I invest in my marriage and my sex life on a regular basis and I’m proud to say the work pays off in pleasure.

My monthly pleasure pick is influenced by my own personal experience—and reviews by my clients. We’ll include what’s hot and trending, as well as good old tried and true staples that could make great additions to your pleasure toolbox.

Check here each month for my latest recommendations and listen as I share the details about these picks on the GirlBoner Podcast.

March Pleasure Pick

For our inaugural Pleasure Pick of the Month spotlight, I’m excited to reveal what can BEST be described as a pleasure BUNDLE.

Inspired by August McLaughlin’s conversation with bestselling author and renowed sex expert Tracey Cox this week on Girl Boner Radio, I want all couples to know that great sex is available at any time.

Tracey worked with Love Honey to create some amazing products, it wasn’t easy to narrow down but here are my top FIVE foundational pleasure picks:


Great Sex Starts at 50: Age-Proof Your Libido & Transform Your Sex Life

by Tracey Cox

If you want amazing sex in your 50s and beyond, this book will give you everything you need to do it. Tracey brings her 20 years of international experience and uses a blend of research, case studies, practical techniques and personal anecdotes to show you how to arouse yourself and your partner, regain your passion, navigate relationship issues and create the perfect conditions for sex. A definite, must read!


Fascinator Throw

by Liberator This has truly become one of my favorite products to recommend over the years. Arousal starts with relaxation and what better way to create the conditions for great sex than laying out a blanket that says, Play time is about to begin! Great sex can be messy whether that’s lube, massage oil, squirting or all of the above. You can relax and let go knowing all you have to do is throw your blanket in the wash, no changing of sheets necessary…and bonus points because no one likes to sleep in the wet spot.

Arousal / Orgasm Gel

by Tracey Cox One of my most common Dr. Meganism’s is that we know what we know and don’t know what we don’t know. If you haven’t tried an arousal/orgasm gel before…Tracey’s is definitely worth trying! Just like lubrication decreases time to orgasm, arousal gel adds a nice warm sensation that heightens sensitivity and adds to your pleasure.

Vibrating Rabbit

by Tracey Cox This is a must-have vibrator for every vulva owner’s collection as it offers both exploration of G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Tracey’s version is made with velvet-smooth silicone which envelopes a layer of marshmallow-soft liquid silicone, so it molds to your body like nothing else. It’s perfect for before-play, turning yourself on before your partner gets home. Or, because one of the biggest sexual turn-ons is seeing your partner turned on, use it together!

SuperSex: Couple’s Kit

by Tracey Cox When exploring toys with your partner, Tracey’s kit is a perfect one for getting started and includes three of the most popular couples’ sex toys: the vibrating cock ring with rabbit ears, the remote control vibrating egg and a clitoral vibrator. Since 2/3rd of people with vulvas need external clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, these toys may be just what you are looking for!

So, which pleasure pick do you have and which do you need to buy? I promise that investing in your sex life and relationship is ultimately priceless.

Whether you choose one, some or all, I know you will get so much pleasure from this month’s collection of pleasure picks. And remember, when trying something new with your partner, my two tips are:
  • Introduce new toys when you are already highly aroused. Why? Because research shows that we are more receptive to experiences out of our norm/comfort zone when aroused.
  • Try, try again. The first time we do anything, we are spectatoring, observing what we and/or our partner is experiencing, so we are not fully in the moment or relaxed. If it doesn’t knock your socks off the first time, play with it several times and see whether or not it gets added to your list of favorites or one to save for special occasions.
Have fun, and visit my Instagram page @Dr.Megan.Fleming for great sex tips, toy giveaways and more! And remember to check back each month for my latest Pleasure Picks!

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