Love Assets or Liabilities


Have you ever wondered why some of the traits that once drew you to your partner have now become a pain point, a true frustration?

It’s an interesting and dare I say, predictable thing that happens in most relationships. In the beginning, you were likely attracted to your partner because of qualities that you liked and perhaps would like more of in yourself, to be more laid back or to be more organized and on top of things, for instance.

Then, months or years into your relationship, those same qualities make you want to pull your hair out. You wonder if you were duped.

What happened?

Your perspective shifted! Often, a trait that initially attracted you to your partner you might now be seeing from a180 degree opposing lens. I’m inviting you now to get really curious about the “why” and “how” your perspective changed and to re-direct your attention to the glass half full, the asset versus the liability/half empty perspective.


Because you can decide what you pay attention to and I assure you, they feel quite different.

I can’t say it enough; any quality can be seen or experienced as an asset or a liability depending on your perspective.

Albert Ellis a pioneer in the field of Psychology use to say, stop disturbing yourself by choosing to wear $hit colored glasses.

Hope this list gives you some laughs and becomes the opportunity to consciously choose your perspective (lens).

“In the beginning, I loved that my partner was”


“Now, I can’t stand (want to kill off) that my partner is”


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