Sex Therapy for Women

I am an expert on sex therapy for women.  In addition to my 15 years of professional counseling experience, I’m also a woman with a husband, children,  job and a lot of ‘busyness‘ that can get in the way of a satisfying sex life.  I went through a period of doubt in my own marriage. My husband and I worked through those problems and have emerged with a stronger healthier relationship. I want to help you overcome whatever is preventing you from achieving the loving and satisfying relationships you want and deserve.

Sex problems are more common than you think. Women experience childbirth, illness, surgeries, medications and menopause which can all affect your sexual wellness. Although some causes may be physical more often it is emotional issues that wreck havoc. Sex therapy can identify these problems, determine why they repeat and design new responses that improve your sexual wellness.

Some of the more common problems women suffer from and seek sex therapy for are:

Lack of arousal

You don’t feel turned on by anything.

Inability to climax with or without a partner

Many women are unable to climax during intercourse.  This can cause stress and frustration as society is focused on the end point and not the goal of an overall pleasurable experience.

Hyper focused on self image

Peer and societal pressures can cause women to be hyper-focused on their self image. This can cause stress and manifest itself in your sexual experience. Sex therapy can help you develop new patterns to break this behavior.

Painful intercourse

Some causes of painful intercourse and vaginismus are physiological and some are emotional. We will determine what is causing your pain.  Sex therapy can help with emotional causes.

Scars from emotional or physical abuse

Abuse can cause emotional responses that prevent you from enjoying your sexual experiences and forging lasting loving relationships.  Sex Therapy is an important part of the recovery process.

Surgery and Illness

Depression, anxiety and self image issues following surgery or illness can cause emotional stress that affects your sexual wellness. Sex Therapy can help you recover.

Medications & Sex

SSRI inhibitors (Zoloft, Paxil, etc) all have sexual side effects.  If you are taking one of these medications be aware of this and if it is affecting your sexual wellness. Let sex therapy help before it affects your relationships.

Warning Signs. Are You?...

  • hyper focused on self image?
  • unable to achieve orgasm with your partner?
  • unsure how medication may affect your desire?
  • unable to maintain relationships?
  • Feeling anxious or relying on alcohol or drugs?

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