Frequently Asked Questions

I believe in ‘self as expert‘.  You know what you need, the details and history of your struggle or pain. Essentially, you have the map, I know the territory.

I offer laser focused assessments with key take aways for next steps, working with me, self-help, and a resource for options and best fit styles of therapy/coaching.

Not everyone is a match, whether that’s an intimate or therapeutic relationship. However in my experience in and outside clinical practice 15 years as a psychologist and couples therapist, when there’s a connection, and tension grows, that’s when the opportunity for real growth work begins.


What is therapy?

Therapy is the process of identifying behavior and patterns that trigger pain points and then developing skills and responses to overcome the old established patterns. I teach you how to ‘Feel & Deal’ not ‘Feel & Reel’.


What can I expect on our first consultation?

I am laser focused in assessment. By the end of our first meeting we should have a clear direction we need to go to overcome your issues.


Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance, however many clients receive reimbursement from their insurance company. Here are the reimbursement codes so you can check your coverage with your insurance company.

Initial Consultation (Evaluation) — CPT code 90791

Individual Psychotherapy, 45-minutes follow-up — CPT code 90834

Couples Psychotherapy, 45-minutes follow-up — CPT code 90847


What are your hourly rates?

Initial consultation, 60 minutes:                        $500

Individual psychotherapy, 45minutes:             $400

Couples psychotherapy, 45 minutes:               $400


How long does therapy usually last?

The old traditional model was open ended and could go on for a long time. I am results oriented and highly trained. While I can’t guarantee it most of my patients see results quickly. During our initial consultation I will recommend a number of sessions you should commit to.


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