Expert Speaker On Sex Therapy And Relationships

Dr. Megan is an expert speaker on sex therapy and relationships. She has spoken many times on subjects related to sex therapy and relationships.

Personalized presentations are offered. Talks can be organized as a keynote speech, lecture series or part of a workshop. Dr. Megan works closely with clients to tailor presentations to your audience’s needs and to ensure maximum engagement. For each event, Dr. Megan offers coordinated social media coverage to increase exposure and engagement.

Popular Keynote Topics

Passion: Find the Desire Within, A keynote for Entrepreneurs

Desire and passion… Skills that can be developed? Feelings we can’t control? Or can Desire and passion are a great fire starter but can never sustain a relationship long As entrepreneurs you know the first passion for an idea is the necessary fuel to get started. But how do you keep your relationships with others and your work fresh, intense, productive and engaging as the first day? It’s possible. Learn a few techniques that change your mindset and don’t allow foreclosure of your imagination. Become a master of your desire and passion!

Great Life, Great Sex

You’re in a committed relationship and over time become aware that your sexual energy and connection is shifting. The truth is that the romantic passion that brought you together is actually meant to end. But, intimacy is more than sex and monogamy doesn’t need to equal monotony. So where do you go from here? Discover how to get and enhance the relationships and sex you want for your lifetime. This talk is about keeping your relationship conscious and hot, riding the waves of whatever life throws your way. I show you how to disarm your fears, transform  your limiting beliefs and learn the foundational skills that research shows lead to  Masters of Relationship.

Invisible Divorce

This talk is a “wake up” call for couples to look at the state of their union.  Too many married couples are together, live together and emotionally are miles apart. How does this happen? Why do they stay? This talk explores and makes sense of the “how” and “why” couples land in a union that represents an Invisible Divorce.  Not only are the obvious and hidden costs of this union brought to light, a clear call to action to turn it all around is revealed. The exciting and inspiring message of this talk is that every time “wake up” calls are heard, real shift changes happen that not only changes the tide for their marriage but also what this couple hands down to their children and one by one, two by two, for every child they have, exponentially the power for healing in relationships gets passed down, touching more and more lives.

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