Everyone knows that I’m all about helping others experience their own version of a great life with great sex.

I’m not going to lie, it’s possible and it takes work. Truth be told, work isn’t a dirty word anymore than sex is. When we put effort into something, we see the results. I invest in my marriage and my sex life on a regular basis and I’m proud to say the work pays off in pleasure.

My monthly pleasure pick is influenced by my own personal experience—and reviews by my clients. We’ll include what’s hot and trending, as well as good old tried and true staples that could make great additions to your pleasure toolbox.

Check here each month for my latest recommendations and listen as I share the details about these picks on the GirlBoner Podcast.

October Pleasure Pick

Want To Spice Up Your Sex Life? There’s an App for That. 

Meet Coral. It’s one of the world’s leading Apple sexual health apps. Like me, Coral believes intimacy is a pillar of wellness and simply put, helps people learn better sex. Using science-based methodology, Coral provides a fun and safe place for individuals and couples to freely talk and learn about sex in a way that deepens their connection & intimacy.

Coral aims to change the status quo by giving users an easy-to-use roadmap for self improvement that’s been vetted by fellow experts in the field including Dr. Ian Kerner, Dr. Lori Brotto , Dr. Emily Nagoski and Justin Lehmiller.

You might be asking How does it work?

Each time you open the app you’ll be given:

  • a story to listen to get you in the mood
  • an article to read about sex and pleasure
  • a guided exercise designed to explore your experience and/or
  • a quiz that’s personalized to you based on your unique characteristics.

Together, they provide all the resources you need to take your sex life and your relationships to the next level.


Check out the explore tab where you can browse topics like “When one partner wants it more,” or “Make her toes curl,” or categories like exercises and stories. They also have a discussion forum where you can ask a question and browse existing threads where their panel of experts frequently chime in.  

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 Until next month, here’s to your pleasure.

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