Everyone knows that I’m all about helping others experience their own version of a great life with great sex.

I’m not going to lie, it’s possible and it takes work. Truth be told, work isn’t a dirty word anymore than sex is. When we put effort into something, we see the results. I invest in my marriage and my sex life on a regular basis and I’m proud to say the work pays off in pleasure.

My monthly pleasure pick is influenced by my own personal experience—and reviews by my clients. We’ll include what’s hot and trending, as well as good old tried and true staples that could make great additions to your pleasure toolbox.

Check here each month for my latest recommendations and listen as I share the details about these picks on the GirlBoner Podcast.

May Pleasure Pick

Well, it’s officially Masturbation May so of course, this month’s pleasure picks are all about exploring what you don’t yet know about your own pleasure.

When it comes to masturbation, it’s not uncommon that individuals can spend their entire lives doing the same exact thing. Why? Because it works of course, it’s a tried and true way to orgasm every time. Isn’t it interesting however, how we have a cultural perspective that you can get tired of your partner, and monogamy equals monotony, but you don’t get tired of your own hand? Food for thought.

That being said, people don’t tire of their hands — or favorite and often only way they bring themselves to orgasm. I get it. I completely get it. That said, you also know one of my favorite expressions is that you know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know……..when’s the last time YOU have tried something new? Because when it comes to pleasure, I’m all about knowing and owning your own which means exploring and adding new tools to your toolbox.

So whether you’re a vulva or prostate owner, I’m inviting you to explore your pleasure and new ways to feel pleasure this Masturbation May.

For Vulva Owners


Rekindle Your Desire

For those of you who might be struggling with desire to know and own the value of both pleasure and masturbation practices, you have to first get your own sexy back. My recommendation, my personal Rekindle Your Desire, a 60 minute self help sex therapy audio program and workbook.



OMG Yes, this program is based on what science says about women’s pleasure and over 20,000 women who participated in research at the Kinsey Institute. It visually teaches you practical techniques to enhance clitoral pleasure solo or as a couple, with 60 short videos and 12 touchable simulations of orgasm inducing practices.

For Prostate Owners


Arcwave ION

For men, new tech, airwave arc…my husband tried this for me to help me with a review and he generally held the mindset of “What For?” regarding male masturbators because you know he had his hand…..well, meet the new tech! Let me just say he was blown away with the new sensation and experience, and he’s now a convert and willing participant in exploring new options. The arc wave is the world’s first pleasure air stroker for men to experience an orgasm that comes from the unique pulsating airwaves that stimulate the most sensitive pleasure receptors in the frenulum.

Prostate Massager

Hugo prostate massager

Last but not least, the Lelo’s Hugo prostate massager, known for the most powerful orgasm to man. This is a remote controlled prostate massager for solo or couples play that’s form is perfected for bigger, better and even hands free orgasms.

In summary, let me just remind you whether it’s using your hand in a new way, trying a new pattern of arousal or a new toy,

1) generally I recommend adding in the new one once you are already highly aroused by your favorite go to masturbation practice and

2) try, try, again, because the first time we do anything new, we are observing ourselves, spectatoring, how’s it going, what am I feeling or not feeling, to quiet the mind and relax into the new sensations, try, try, try again!

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