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Are you ready to STRETCH your sexual skills, satisfaction and confidence?

Have you read about programs like Carlin’s Body Sex program and WISH you were “that kind of woman,” who could sign up for a program LIKE THAT?

Have you embraced your sexual self, but not fully EMBODIED her… yet?

Do you enjoy sex (alone and /or with a partner) but KNOW that there could be…. More? More enjoyment, more confidence, more freedom, more – and even better – orgasms?

If so, you are in the exact right place!

Enter Body Sex 0.5 (With your clothes on)

Over six weeks together, with like minded women, you will be:

  • exploring your own sexual narrative and vision to
  • becoming more intimately familiar with your boobs, fantasies and vulva to – finally–
  • some explicit sex education (including tech AND technique!)

For women who are committed to further exploring their own personal world of sex, to get better at owning their own pleasure and fully embodying their sexual selves, there is no better program. Led by Dr. Megan Fleming, Sex and Relationship Therapist practicing 20 years in NYC and Carlin Ross, partner of Betty Dodson (how do you want to be introduced) participants will be in very capable hands every step of the way.

Here’s an overview of the program:

Week 1:

CLEAR: Exploring Your Own Sexual Narrative & Vision

Getting crystal clear where you are going.

Pre-work Essay– What’s your sexual narrative? What could you allow? Know? Own? Share peak experiences? Have you had your best sex yet?

Session: In Week 1 we discuss our sex stories and how we’ve been shaped by them, which ones serve us, which ones don’t, and which ones need an upgrade.

Homework: Visioning of the sex and relationship(s) you want! Create the vision so clearly that it’s like you’re watching a movie, see and feel the experience like it’s already happened.

Week 2:

CULTIVATED: Receiving The Critical Sex Education Everyone Needs

We start Week two sharing your sex and relationship visions.

Session: We explore the cultural influences on our sexual stories, we explore the female sexual response, specifically taking the time to build arousal, learning there are two equally valid pathways to desire, the one most of us know and want is spontaneous desire. The other is responsive desire. We will explore so you can own both your turn on’s and turn-offs and the art of communicating them to your partner. Orgasm is a reflex and we explore the conditions for yours. Great sex is based on your own unique set of conditions, many of which can be planned for and prioritized.

Homework: Boob Massage- Stroking down, letting go of all negative self-talk that you want to release and invite, welcoming the thoughts and feelings you are inviting and making room to notice and feel.

Week 3:

CREATIVE: Fantasy Week Is Finally Here!

The Mind is the biggest sex organ and there is no limit to the erotic imagination. Explore with recommended resources to do so, visual, audio, and reading.

Homework: Explore fantasy- No judgment. Fantasies most generally aren’t politically correct and don’t need to be. Just because it turns you on in fantasy doesn’t necessarily mean you would want or like it in real life.

Week 4:

CUNT (sorry, was sticking with C words, lol..) or even COME? Getting to Know Your Vulva!

Did you know that your Clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings and it’s soul function is for pleasure. We go in depth discussing your anatomy and getting to know new techniques to explore your pleasure.

Homework: Vulva Massage- Mirror Exercise, Vulva Photo (option to share, with no pressure)

Week 5:

COMPANION: Explicit Sex Education and Current Sex Tech

We curate for you, specific resources for great explicit sex ed and have a show and tell of sex toys. We will have a variety to share and invite women to share their own and why it’s their favorite.

Week 6:

CLIMAX: Vulva Show and Tell.

Present the Rock and Roll Technique. Description of that)

Homework: Watch and practice Rock and Roll.

Week 7:

(Optional AddOn)

Individual Rock and Roll experience with Carlin.

Megan Fleming Headshot

Dr. Megan Fleming

In my 20 years of clinical experience, I’ve consistently found that experiential learning is how we best transform and grow. This 6-week intensive is special and unlike anything else you’ve experienced. That’s a great thing, because it may be exactly what you’ve been needing to cultivate the sensual life you desire.

I’ve loved every week, I’m glad I was able to actually make every session. You have so many little phrases that I need to go back and listen to that pack a huge punch, Progress Not Perfection. Try, Try Again and so many others that are little reminders to take action for what I want and to not get discouraged.



I’ve loved learning from everyone else, it’s been REALLY helpful. Just being able to have a safe space to even talk about the most intimate things that I wish I could talk to another girlfriend over lunch or walking through the park, but I just don’t have that kind of relationship with any of my friends that we can be that open with each other. This group has been really impactful & meaningful for me.



What really stood out for me is not outsourcing your pleasure but taking ownership of it! It’s such a powerful concept and kind of permission. I now know exactly what feels good and I can either communicate it, or I can do it myself. I’m looking forward to going back, listening and taking more notes.



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