Pleasure Challenge

Introducing Dr. Megan’s 9-Day Pleasure Challenge,

with DAILY #PleasurePrompts for Every Woman

My day job is serving individuals and couples in New York as a sex therapist…. and I love it!  But outside of this more clinical work, my greatest passion — pun intended — is serving as America’s sex therapist.  In this virtual role, I get to promote the absolute best, latest and greatest sex and relationship tips!

That’s why I am so excited to invite you into my virtual office for a 9-day challenge that will help you Prioritize, Produce and Practice PLEASURE,

  • whether you  are happily coupled,
  • coupled but struggling
  • or going solo.

Pleasure is for all of us.

But one consistent pattern I have seen over the past 20 years of sex therapy  is how often people have blocks to knowing and receiving pleasure, in and out of the bedroom. We often are so busy “doing” and taking care of everyone else’s needs that we don’t slow down to be intentional about prioritizing our own pleasure.

So, I’m doing a “thing.”   

Dr. Megan’s totally FREE 9-Day Pleasure Challenge.  (With a bonus giveaway:  My Clitoral Play Manual…  delivered immediately when you sign up!)

But this isn’t JUST about sex.   This 9-Day Pleasure Challenge will help you remember your own (often) small and  non-sexual pleasure codes… the things that relax and excite you, the things that bring you immense joy and a sense of well-being.  (As well as open the door for sexual pleasure …)

Here’s how it will work:

Each day you will receive an email from me with a specific #PleasurePrompt… something simple that you can do to create pleasure in your every day life.  No money is required and these pleasure prompts won’t take hours, require time off from work (or parenting) or even necessitate a babysitter.  In other words, there will be no barriers to you using this 9-Day Challenge to Prioritize, Produce & Practice Pleasure.

Plus, in the middle and end of the challenge, I’ll host a Facebook live, where you can speak with me and  ask any questions you have, discuss challenges/blocks to pleasure and celebrate our new insights and pleasure practices.

  • Simple no-excuse, no-barrier #PleasurePrompts
  • A sex therapist whom you can ask anything
  • And the support of a community of women just like you…

Remember you can do this with or without a partner…

You can do this when you have no desire,
or when your desire isn’t being met…
No matter where you are right now — in this very moment —

Here’s to YOUR Pleasure in 2023!  

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