Building Your Sensual Life: The Pleasure Break Through (Week 1)

The first week of a six-week, small group workshop for women. Take a deep dive into sensuality, sexuality, and your unique needs. Each participant will share in a confidential, online setting and get an individual plan for personal pleasure.

If this sounds like a journey you’re excited to take, keep reading!

I’ve been a sex therapist in full-time practice for 20 years. My clients are gay, straight, bi, polyamorous, in open marriages, religious marriages, monogamous partnerships, and everything in between. One constant in my practice is this:

Our pleasure preferences are as unique as our fingerprints.

In our first week together in the Build Your Sensual Life program, we’ll keep the “pleasure past” focus and go deeper to acknowledge (and release) any and all mental/emotional blocks to receiving or allowing pleasure.  We’ll move through the most common (and often overlooked or ignored) blocks, including:

  1. Being afraid of being judged
  2. Feeling insecure about _____________________
  3. Not being sure of what you really want sexually
  4. The fear of rejection
  5. The trap of doing what you think you’re supposed to do, rather than following your own pleasure map

This first week is a really powerful one and lays out the critical building blocks of building YOUR sensual life, brick by beautiful brick!

Our next sensual cohort begins on May 14th and our brand new Ghosts of Pleasures Past Pre-work drops on May 10th.  Group calls will take place on Thursday at noon, between May 14th and June 18th.


If you’re interested in the entire six-week Building Your Sensual Life program, sign-up here

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